Improve Sales Performance in 2014.

In a wired, globally competitive world, it is imperative that your sales organization has the best trained sales people capable of adapting to today’s buyer!

Our work with organizations helps to increase revenue and drive extraordinary results through the integration of a social media strategy with a sound sales and marketing process, methodology, and approach. Leveraging technology is only part of the Social Selling equation.


Today, there are higher level executive relationships to establish, more information to absorb quickly, and salespeople have to move faster than their competition.

How do you and your sales team create, maintain, and leverage relationships at executive levels and communicate your value as a credible strategic resource when buyers can block and ignore your phone calls and email?


There is NO one size fits all.

Social selling is not simply about adopting a new set of “tools”. Success requires developing a new mindset related to selling entirely.  A change is required in attitude, approach, process and skill set.

For any change initiative - and helping sales people become Social Sellers is change -  program to be successful it must be endorsed, supported and reinforced by sales leadership. It’s cultural.

Effective implementation of a new way to sell and market requires continuous process focused on teaching new skills, reinforcing desired behaviors, and converting these behaviors to habit.


Sales management must have the right salespeople with the right skills on their team. To accomplish this, our approach incorporates four elements crucial to any successful Social Selling program:

  • Assessment & Strategy Building
  • Program Implementation & Training Delivery
  • Reinforcement Coaching
  • Measurement


  • Sales, Marketing and Services Executives
  • Individual Sales, Marketing and Service Contributors
  • Business Owners with 10+ Sales People

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