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Mad Libs with the Funnelholic  Craig says: Social Selling is all the rage. Consultants and experts are coming out of the woodwork. I have done my best to identify and work with the best ones. Barbara Giamanco is one of the best ones. I think she is great. She is truly passionate about social selling and it shows in the way she talks about it. She created one of the first great research studies on social selling you can find on her site.

Social Selling Leader conversation with Kyle Porter

Kyle: Two minute philosophy on sales, and go.

Barbara: My philosophy on sales is provide value and take a go-giver mindset. So instead of worrying about what you’re going to sell today, try and give to other people first, and I have found through the years that the more you give back, the more that comes to you in return. So that’s probably less than two minutes. Go give and don’t worry about giving things away. Just expect a great return when you do that, helping other people.



barb-sander-and-meHigh Velocity Radio with host Desiree Scales.

In top company with Anthony Iannarino and Sander Biehn talking social selling.





Had loads of fun in the video interview with colleague, Ago Cluytens. We talked about using social media for selling…natch. When you watch, you’ll learn:

- The FIVE steps you’ll need to follow to develop a social media sales strategy that helps you sell, sell, sell
- Why 80% of all buying decisions are made before you ever set foot in a prospect’s office
- Why I was dead wrong when I squeaked “but maybe senior executives don’t use social media that much”
- Why all that Tweeting and Liking may not have paid off for you (yet) and what you can do to make sure it does
- Three time-tested, “fast track” insider tactics you can use right now to build your sales funnel.