Getting the Sales Forecast Right: A Sales Mastery Interview with Rob Brown

Last week, I talked to Rob Brown about sales compensation and forecasting and a new tool that he has developed to help ensure that those forecasts are actually accurate. Prior to the interview, I had Rob walk me through how his forecasting tool worked, and I admit that I was impressed. Easy to use and it uses a visual appeal to help you spot potential problems easily.
Let me tell you about Rob…

Robert Brown, President of Incite! Decision Technologies, is an experienced decision strategist with over 17 years of professional experience. He provides advanced decision guidance, risk management, and business analytics to help executive decision makers gain deep insights into complex and risky capital investment opportunities, system behavior, and planning exercises. Robert is a 1992 graduate from the school of Mechanical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

When you listen to the interview, you’ll learn:

  1. How sales compensation and sales forecasting typically functions today.
  2. The gaps that sales management needs to know about and why.
  3. The problem that Rob’s forecasting tool attempts to solve.
  4. Conceptually how the tool solves the problem that Rob uncovered in his work with sales teams.
  5. The information that the tools provides to Sales Executives when striving to accurately predict their revenue.
  6. The sales groups that benefit most from Rob’s forecasting tool.

And more…

Enjoy the interview!

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