Social Media Consulting & Training

For sales organizations to succeed in today’s business environment, they must first accept that buyer behavior has changed. Buyer 2.0 is web savvy, informed and probably knows more about you than you know about them. In this new world, sellers must shift from a transaction approach to a solution-oriented, value focused, and socially connected approach.

The Challenge

Sales organizations have so much to think about and get right. Among the many complexities of the sales process, you know you need to leverage social networks to reach target buyers and shrink the sales cycle. The question is, “How?”

The Solution

Using the power of social media, we work with your sales team to build on and leverage their existing relationship networks to identify the right influencers, create new lead opportunities, demonstrate value to prospective buyers, deepen account penetration and do the research that selling to today’s buyer requires.

Why Social Attempts Often Fail

Companies fail with social media (or experience lackluster results) because they jump straight to tactics and onto the technology platform without determining their strategic purpose and approach for engaging with potential customers online. There’s no training and a repeatable process is not established. Finally, without establishing measurable outcomes, it is impossible to monitor and track the return on investment of social media activities.

Our Approach

A successful social media project includes five core elements:

  • Assessment
  • Strategy
  • Training
  • Implementation
  • Measurement

Many companies focus on one or two areas and never achieve the desired results. For example, training without a strategy is merely a tactical event unlikely to lead to much change in achieving revenue goals.

Every client is different, so we work collaboratively to establish objectives and set measurement criteria that best align with the organization’s stated goals.