Using Social Media to Sell

Recently, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ago Cluytens for his Coaching Masters Series. We talked about social selling and the importance of salespeople learning how to adapt their approach. More importantly, we talked about specific things that you and/or your salespeople can do to create sales opportunities using technology.

During the segment, learn about:

  • The FIVE steps you’ll need to follow to develop a social media sales strategy that helps you sell, sell, sell
  • Why 80% of all buying decisions are made before you ever set foot in a prospect’s office
  • Why my interviewer was dead wrong when he said“but maybe senior executives don’t use social media that much”
  • Why all that Tweeting and Liking may not have paid off for you (yet) and what you can do to make sure it does
  • Three time-tested, “fast track” insider tactics you can use right now to build your sales funnel

It was my very first Skype video interview and fortunately it looks like I didn’t embarrass myself! Enjoy the interview.

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