Social Selling to the C-Suite is a fast-paced, one-day workshop that helps professional salespeople integrate the use of social selling skills and business intelligence tools into the sales process to develop, maintain and leverage relationships with C-Suite executives. Delivered onsite or online!

About this Program

In today’s digital marketplace, C-Suite executives are searching for solutions on the Internet and interfacing with colleagues and friends for buying recommendations long before they even meet a salesperson. Being able to leverage social media is fundamental for today’s business-to-business salesperson.

What Your Team Members Will Learn

In this workshop, participants develop a Social Selling Plan that is unique to their environment. They also learn best practices in social selling by examining how salespeople are using LinkedIn, Twitter, InsideView and other social media to increase their sales and create new opportunities. They will improve their social media presence by building a compelling LinkedIn prole and learn how to use a variety of social media resources to nd prospects for their products and services.

Participants also learn how to employ a robust set of social selling tools to conduct pre-call research and planning, so as to maximize initial contacts with C-Suite executives. Most importantly, they will develop techniques that enable them to identify and align with the relevant executive for the sales opportunity with the right message at the right time!

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