Selling in a New World: A Sales Mastery Interview with Tim Mushey

As a consummate networker, I love that social media helps us to expand the size of our networks in ways not even possible a little over 10 years ago. Through LinkedIn groups, Facebook pages, Twitter and blogs, we can interact and learn from people all over the world. I’m old enough to remember the concept of pen pals, and at its best, that is what social media is all about. At its worst, is the prolific use by many sales and marketing folks to crank out more sales spam rather than engaging people in conversations.

There is no doubt that sales people and the process that they use needs to evolve. Why? Because buyers start most of the buying process before sales is ever engaged. Some argue that by 2020, sales people will not be needed at all. While I do not believe that to be the case, especially in B2B sales, I do believe that the sales folks left standing will be the ones who adapt to buyers demanding that sales people, and the companies that employ them, do things differently.

In my recent interview with Tim Mushey, who I met and got to know in a LinkedIn group called SalesPlaybook (and then we connected on Twitter and Facebook and…), we talk about what top sales performers do that set them apart from their peers, as well as how social media is changing the game.

Let me tell you about Tim.

Tim is a sales professional, leader, blogger, Toastmaster and social media enthusiast. He has been blogging about sales, leadership and several other topics since January, 2012. He is working on a business to supplement his full time sales career and is looking forward to coaching, writing books, marketing information products and speaking engagements in the future.

His outside sales background is extremely diverse, and he has represented many product lines and services since 1996. His tough as nails determination was developed knocking on doors in Australia in the very competitive photocopier business.

Tim is a passionate leader who prides himself to be the best he can be, no matter the circumstances. He leads by example, and has always prided himself in working hard.

He has connected with many great people via social media in the sales and leadership space, and is amazed to have developed such an incredible network in less than three years. It has given Tim new perspective on the profession, and he is certainly learning something new each day!

During the interview you will learn:

  • How sales has has changed from Tim’s perspective.
  • How to adjust gears in a world where business moves faster than ever.
  • What top sales performers are doing that their peers are not.
  • What a brand new sales rep ought to do from day one.
  • Advice for sales leaders who feel overwhelmed with so many things to be conscious of and get done these days.
  • Why top sellers are not always the best candidates for leading and managing teams.
  • How social media affects today’s sales process.

And so much more…

Enjoy the interview!

One thought on “Selling in a New World: A Sales Mastery Interview with Tim Mushey

  1. I am a first year startup company. My business focus has been on a single industry and I have had a very successful first year thus far. I have benefitted some from my linked in connection, had a couple of leads that turned into work. My concern is that I do not take the time to post meaningful updates on linked in and I am not involved in using facebook or twitter. I do not want to be complacent because things are going well. I am not too excited about face book or twitter at the moment, but I am concerned that I may need to get that way.

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