Sales Spam at a New Level

Wow, just when you thought that salespeople couldn’t get more desperate or sink any lower…along comes this spam mail through our website contact page. Forget how crazy time consuming this must be jumping around to people’s websites, but what is truly ironic is that this unenlightened salesperson (and I’m being nice here) apparently didn’t bother to notice that I had just written a blog post about the inappropriateness of sales spam. Talk about not knowing your audience!

So…here’s the message:

“Good Afternoon, I am getting in touch with training companies from a variety of backgrounds who all currently deliver face to face and material lead courses. My question is have you converted any of your training content to be served online and sold to your current client base? The reason for such a questions is simply that there are many training companies unaware of the additional revenue that can be achieved quickly and easily by converting present content and methods to an online version, this in turn can supplement or create a completely new revenue stream from clients both incumbent and previously unobtainable. In order to do this you need to source an appropriate learning management system (LMS) provider. The XYZ LMS platform is ideal for those who have developed or are looking to develop online training content and want to organize, distribute, track and report on all content across multiple user populations. We let clients focus on their core competencies and creation of quality content without worrying about the ongoing delivery to customers. We also provide industry advice on the most common tools and methods to use in the content development stage and would be happy to answer any questions and provide insight on this. I will follow up shortly but if you can advise on the above or indicate the correct person to speak to please get in touch. All the best, Sales Idiot (ok, not the real name but hey, it’s my post).”

Seriously, your thoughts? The truth is that I might have actually been interested in talking to this guy, but I won’t give him the time of day now, because he is clearly clueless. The message isn’t personalized…same message apparently to every other “training” company. He spent zero time understanding who we are and what we believe in, which is inexcusable given he was on our website. How could you miss it? And, follow up shortly? Does he plan to keep reaching out to us via our website contact form? Who knows how long it will take to get rid of him.

There are so many things I want to help change about the profession of sales, but for now, sales spam tops the list! What tops your list?



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