4 Ways to Use Social Media for Sales

Assess - what is the situation currently? Are your salespeople using social media? Is so, what tools? LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or blogging? How well are they using social media? If you are not using social media why not?

Message - Craft a compelling value statement. Answer these questions:

  1. What are you promising your buyer?
  2. What do you offer them? It doesn’t need to be detailed. Keep it higher level.
  3. How are you different and why should your buyer care?
  4. Why should I spend money with you and not someone else? Everyone says they can help us increase revenue. How do you do it?
  5. Prove it to me. What examples can you give me to support your claims?

Create - Great content is the name of the game. Not sales pitches but value based content that that truly does something worthwhile for your buyer.

Train - If you don’t invest in training your people, there is a high likelihood that nothing will change. Don’t expect them to figure it out on their own.


SOCIAL SALES SURVEY - take this quick, 3-minute (I promise) survey to help us understand how salespeople are using social media. You will receive a copy of the results. Click here to complete the survey.

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