Survey Says…

Help us with our sales and social media project. Clearly, we are leaders, fans and supporters of the social selling movement. And, we are often asked about quantifiable numbers with respect to how salespeople are currently using social media to prospect, fill pipeline and close revenue.

So…we are going to find out.

Social Centered Selling teamed up with popular blogger Keenan at A Sales Guy to create a survey that would help us gauge how salespeople are leveraging social media. Everyone is talking about social media and social selling, but are they really using it?  Does social media and social selling really make a difference in the numbers? Are sales people closing deals and making quota using social media?

We want to find out.

  1. Who is using social media?
  2. Does it help make quota?
  3. How often do salespeople use it?
  4. How often do they close deals?
  5. How do those who use social media to sell rank against those who don’t?
  6. How has social media changed the selling process?

YOU can help and it will only take 3 minutes! We promise!

We want to know it all and want to share the results with you! If you are in sales, we want to know about how social media and social selling affect you. The survey will only take 3 minutes. Yup, it’s a sales friendly survey.  Here’s the link.

By the way, our goal is to survey 1,000 salespeople, so forward this on to your sales buddies! Everyone who participates will receive a copy of the results!

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