The Art of the Cold Call: A Sales Mastery Interview with Daniel Francès

WHAT? I interviewed someone about a cold calling approach? Well, yes, I did!

Anyone who follows me, anyone that has read a comment of mine in a LinkedIn Group or read a post over on our Facebook Fan Page knows that I am quite vocal in my belief that “cold calling” – in its currently accepted form – does not work.

What do I mean by currently accepted form? I mean the Boiler Room mentality of giving salespeople a list of  names and told to “dial for dollars”, in order to meet some mythical, magical quota number that, I guess, tells management that things are alright in the revenue generating department. Oh, if they really knew the truth and that’s a subject for a future interview!

So, Daniel has followed me and he is a member of our Facebook community – thank you, Daniel! When he reached out to me to say that he espoused a better way when it comes to cold calling, I decided that I needed to interview him.

It is a terrific interview and reaffirms my belief that it is the COLD approach – making calls with a selfish, me focused sales agenda – that doesn’t work. Daniel offers up some great advice and shares his own experiences with cold calling – what makes it work and what doesn’t. It’s a interview you’ll want to share with your colleagues and folks in your network.

As I interview sales professionals like Daniel, it is all with the goal of helping you and your sales team radically increase your sales, improve the profitability of those sales and close those sales far more quickly than you are today, I want you to learn from the best in sales and social media, because selling today requires an entirely different approach and new skills are required!

Let me tell you about Daniel…

Daniel Francès, author of The Cold Call Bible and experienced Cold Calling Trainer, was born with sales running through his veins. While other boys daydreamed of becoming firemen or famous soccer players, Daniel knew instinctively from the age of seven that he aspired to sell. Beginning his career in New York, he became first acquainted with the phenomenon of cold calling, and was intrigued and inspired. He immediately internalized this form of marketing as second nature.  After studying, fine tuning and practicing his craft, Daniel became a master of the Cold Call. In 2010, obsessed with training others to master the Cold Call, he established The Cold Call Company dedicated to the art of cold calling. He now custom designs and delivers corporate cold calling training programs and is an adviser on how to gain new business using cold calling.

During my conversation with Daniel, we talked about:

  • Why cold calling still has sales merit these days.
  • How Daniel got started in cold calling and what he learned that you can benefit from knowing.
  • What you’ll discover when you read his book, The Cold Call Bible
  • What it means to be the Ambassador of Cold Calling and why that is important to the profession of sales.

And more…

Enjoy the interview!


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