Buyers don’t need salespeople who pitch features, they can find that information on the web. They want salespeople who bring fresh insights to the table, who understand their business and educate them about options or trends they had not yet considered.

Studies have shown that sales people using social media outperform their peers and exceed quota more often. Today’s seller must integrate social media into their sales process and use the social web to actively listen, learn, and add value to the customer conversation.


iStock_000015886285SmallLike it or not, buyer behavior and expectations have changed. Shouting at your prospects doesn’t work!

Social media and other emerging technologies are impacting Sales, Marketing and Service in ways we never fathomed 10 years ago.

At the heart of the turmoil is a new kind of customer. They are busy. Cold calls and pitches are falling on deaf ears.

 92% of buyers ignore unsolicited phone and email contacts
70% of buyers start researching options without sales contact


With close to 30 years of Sales, Sales Management, Marketing and Technology experience, we believe that expertise is developed and learned over time through practical application. Our background speaks for itself.

We work with Sales, Marketing and Service leaders and team members to develop a solution customized to fit your business. Many companies with large, dispersed sales teams tight on time, find that programs delivered in phases via a virtual environment is more effective and cost effective. We will also bring programs to your doorstep if that’s what works best for you.


Executive Advisory– if you think digital, social or mobile is about age, then you haven’t met Generation Connected aka Generation C.

Social Selling Strategic Consulting – the marketing department doesn’t own it and leaders cannot abdicate their responsibility for understanding how this new world works. And before you hire a training company, make sure you have a planned approach to ensuring that learning sticks.

Custom Solutions  – your Sales, Marketing and Service folks need to think differently, behave differently and approach their day to day business responsibilities…differently. They need  guidance, training and support.

Adoption – we are talking about radical new ways of thinking and that is going to be uncomfortable. If you think one rah rah session at the next company meeting will cut it, you are mistaken!

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