How Solid is Your Sales Process?: A Sales Mastery Interview with Jim Keenan

To help you increase your sales, improve the profitability of those sales and close those sales far more quickly than you are today, I want you to learn from the best in sales and social media, because selling today requires an entirely different approach and new skills are required!banner

In my current interview, I talk with Jim Keenan of A Sales Guy Consulting. We talk mostly sales process and why it is so important for companies to do it well. Given the changes in buyer behavior, sales leaders need to spend the time evaluating whether or not their sales process is actually leading to revenue.

About Jim…

He is the founder and partner of A Sales Guy Consulting. A Sales Guy Consulting helps companies grow sales. They are a fun, straight forward consulting company that relishes the challenge of taking companies from point A to point B in as little time as possible.  They get it.  When sales numbers aren’t where you need them to be, call Jim!

During my conversation with Jim, we talked about:

  • How he became an entrepreneur. He began by kicking off a blog.
  • Sales process (or call it pipeline) and why it is so critical to business to do it well.
  • Sales, sales management and sales leadership.
  • Social media and how that impacts sales.

And more…

The sales process, according to Jim, is there for one thing. And that one thing is…to move the sale forward! Most companies are struggling because their process is aligned to what they want and not geared in a way that suits what the buyer wants. That’s a big disconnect! Listen to Jim’s thoughts, tips and suggestions for how to cure the problem.



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