Just Cancel My Account – Part 1

In my last post, I said that I planned to share some recent examples of the less than WOW experiences I’ve had as buyer of business products. I wish I could say this post would be the only one, but I have many more to showcase going forward.

All I wanted to do was cancel my account…it should have been easy.

Business concept of problem, cancelled

At the end of 2012, I transitioned my email marketing to Infusionsoft. I’d been a long time Constant Contact user, but now I needed a more robust system that supported more sophisticated marketing campaigns and was integrated with an online shopping cart. I’d heard a lot about Infusionsoft from a variety of sources – all of it positive. After doing more research myself, I decided to make the move. Over $6,000 dollars later with nothing much to show for it, in January I decided to cancel my account.

The promise is that the system is easy to use. That wasn’t my experience. Even creating basic newsletters burned too much time. Two assistants never could figure it out and were constantly flustered. Without having the support I needed to manage the system – unless I wanted to spend thousands per month for a “certified” consultant – I let the account languish while I explored other options.

Experience matters. Every interaction counts. The system didn’t work for me, and that’s OK. I was fine to cancel my account and move on. Instead, I’m calling out Infusionsoft as one example of a company whose processes/policies make life difficult for their customers.

Here’s my story…

1. I wanted to cancel my account but Infusionsoft doesn’t make it easy for you. I should have been able to cancel online or with a quick email to the service department. Nope. Infusionsoft insists that you call them. Right away I knew why that was their policy. They wanted an opportunity to “sell me” on remaining a customer.

2. Grudgingly, I make the call. The gal who answers the phone notes my request and tells me that someone will be calling me back “to verify” that I want to cancel. WTF? I’m thinking, why am I talking to you then? I’ve already burned up time making this call to handle something that shouldn’t be a hassle for me. I gave you my name and account number but someone else has to call me to verify that I do want to cancel? Argh…

3. Later in the day, I receive a call from a representative who is a “loyalty guy”. I understand you want to cancel, he says. Yes, I do. The system isn’t working for me, I tell him. He says, tell me what the problem is…maybe I can help. I basically lay out the story for the 2nd time (I’d already told the gal that I talked to) and tell him that I am firm on canceling. OK, I see you’ve made up your mind, he says. Well, yeah dude. That’s why I’m canceling; otherwise, I would have called tech support for help. Stop wasting my time.

4. Loyalty guy confirms that my account will be canceled immediately. Imagine my surprise when 3 days later, I’m billed for another month of service. Then I notice that my account is still active.

5. Phone call number three and this one to the accounting department. Naturally, I had to leave a message. I explain the situation and ask for my money to be refunded.

6. Later that day, I receive a phone message from accounting gal saying that – yes, she confirmed my request to cancel but that my billing cycle was in progress when I called them. According to their billing policy, Infusionsoft doesn’t issue refunds, so my account remains active until the end of the billing cycle. Of course, you won’t be billed again, she says. Isn’t that nice. Another $259 wasted for software that I’m not using.

What really ticks me off here is the time I had to waste going through their silly gymnastics to cancel my account. Then I’m billed for another month of service to boot. We are talking 3-days into the new cycle but Infusionsoft doesn’t prorate or return your money if your cancellation timing happens to be off. On top of that, loyalty guy never confirmed that I understood their billing policy or told me that I was already into a new cycle. Yes, I realize that I agreed to the written terms at some point. Still, the right thing to do was to tell me to be sure I understood what would happen. It would have saved me another phone call!

This is not service excellence. It is a classic example of how companies like Infusionsoft are blowing it. Even if a customer decides to cancel your service, the last thing you should want to do is piss them off! I was already annoyed at the wasted money and time that had been spent trying to get the system to work for my business. Infusionsoft’s process only made it worse.

The final point I want to make is this…

Had it been easy for me to cancel my account, I would have gone on my merry way. If someone asked me what I thought of the Infusionsoft system, I would have told them it didn’t work for me, but that I knew plenty of people using it successfully. Now I’m telling everyone I know to steer clear.

P.S. To the Infusionsoft consultants who want to come at me and tell me how easy the platform is to use…please, save your breath. I’m very accomplished with technology. You think it’s easy because A) you are drinking the Kool-Aid and B) you’ve invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to become certified. Contrary to the Infusionsoft marketing hype – without extensive training, it is not that easy to use. I don’t have that kind of time to waste, and if I can’t pay someone a reasonable fee to do the administration for me it isn’t worth it.



  1. says

    Oh gosh, I know what you mean. Good to know I’m not alone.

    I wonder if it’s just easier to block the direct deposit with them? To cut them off from the bank.

    This might make them more money, but you’re right – it turns a neutral exit into a bitter one.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. says

    Thank you so much for this post. I will take it as fair warning! We’ve had Infusionsoft for 3+ years and have never used it. Because it’s so expensive, we were always hesitant to cancel — after all, we had already invested so much. It must be all our fault that we weren’t using it, and soon enough, I would devote the needed time to putting together our campaigns. (Mind you, I have used MailChimp and Constant Contact and a couple different CRMs during that time — all were exponentially more user-friendly.)

    I finally decided that I need to pull the plug this week. But, a colleague told me that if we change our mind within a certain time period (60 days?), we could get a new account without the set-up fee. Ever hopefully, I contacted their live chat tonight. Needless to say, things did not go well:

    Mike Healy: Hi, thank you for contacting Infusionsoft Support! How may I help you today?
    Leslie: I have a couple of billing questions. Does Infusionsoft still charge the set-up fee for new accounts?
    Leslie: (Um, that’s not a hard question. Why the wait?)
    Leslie: Waiting on the answer to that question before I ask the others.
    Mike Healy: That is not something I can answer, that is more for the billing department. They can go over the billing issues with you. If you like I can put in a ticket to our Customer Resolution Team to have them reach out to you.
    Leslie: Does the Billing Department have a live chat?
    Leslie: Or, is there any information about the set-up fee on the website? I couldn’t find it.
    Mike Healy: They are not currently in at this time. They are Mon-Fri 8-5 US Pacific time.
    Leslie: Do they have live chat during those hours, or do I have to call?
    Mike Healy: Yes they do have a chat you can get to them via this site.
    The agent is sending you to http://www.infusionsoft.com/pricing.
    Leslie: Thank you. Appreciate your help.

    So, pretty much, they want to make it as difficult as possible to get pricing information and want to keep every freakin’ cent they make. By comparison, I cancelled a Mailchimp account for a client recently and they promptly offered me a three-month refund. Also cancelled an account with Lynda.com last month, and they gave us a SIX MONTH refund, because they could see that we hadn’t been using the service. (It’s a great service, btw. Highly recommend.)

    I apologize for writing practically another blog post in the comments, but bad customer service gets me all riled up. Appreciate you calling out Infusionsoft, because the reprimand is rightly deserved!

    • Barbara Giamanco says

      Leslie – thanks for your comments! If the individual managing Live Chat cannot answer questions about product pricing then why are they there? If you get the chance, read the follow up posts to the Infusionsoft saga. Doubt they were happy with me.

  3. says

    I read your article at the time I was closing my account with Infusionsoft. They really don’t make it easy to leave, and simply cancelling the associated payment card is not an option. I called and spoke with John, made it clear I did not want a courtesy call from anyone, I was making an official cancellation order..

    Let’s be clear. I do not need to request a cancellation of services. I simply need to state that I no longer wish to use their service.

    John said, “Call back on Friday to be sure your account is closed.” Really? After spending over 30 minutes in the phone queue waiting to speak to a customer representative on a Wednesday morning, I want to take another 30 minutes on a Friday to check up on Infusionsoft employees to see if they’re doing their job? I have my own employees, thank you very much. John gave me the cancellation reference number, and we parted ways.

    Next, I went to my billing agreement online and removed my payment agreement, just to be sure they didn’t forget to cancel my account.

    Imagine my surprise this morning when I saw they billed me for August.

    So if we can’t cancel via email, and we can’t cancel online, and we can only cancel via phone call, at which point does the company Infusionsoft become responsible when they “forget” to cancel an account? My interactions with this company have left me feeling so disheartened I worry when I call in the morning (it’s Sunday) they’ll say they have no record of that cancellation reference number. It’s just not the way to run a company. They’re either extremely disorganized, or extremely dishonest.

  4. Amy says

    I wish I would have saw this blog before I made the our purchase. Now as a customer who has spent over $4K for a software that I couldn’t even log into, not to mention I am a small business, I feel taken advantage of. I was lead to believe this was a smart, easy to use program that would assist in organizing leads and automatically respond to customers to help me stay organized and grown my business…. I am now where I was before minus much needed money to have grown my business otherwise.
    Buyer Beware. They space out the training so it sucks to you into another monthly payment. By the time you get to the next training session which you spend more than half the home recapping your last conversation because you still wondering how to work the damn site…. You get frustrated. But the trainer is likable so you get ducked into the next month hoping to figure the website out on your own.
    Did I mention again I rarely was able to login. The rest of my staff never got the invite until my last training call in which I cancelled within the first week of that call….

    I called them and cancelled my acct and was told someone would contact me. She did…. But within 30 days and several emails and calls to them later my credit card is charged again….
    Had to make a few more calls and a very irate email to get a response that I would only be refunded that last charge but no other refund would be given.
    I thought I could rationalize with them got even be credited a portion of the charges since we could not even gain access, she shot me down.
    Cold blooded…
    It was like, “No soup for you!”

    Again I repeat BUYER BEWARE. The error can cost you thousands.

  5. Bec says

    Wow. This has just been my experience and we’re now nearly 2 years on. It’s terrible practice to make cancelling a subscription so difficult. I’ve just made the first call to cancel the account. Now waiting on the return call to confirm the ‘ticket request’ he’s just put in. Really, really bad practice. And Jason’s right. It does turn a neutral exit into a bitter one.

  6. says

    We had Infusionsoft for some time and, although knowing that many businesses really get to grips with it, it’s not at all easy. The key problems we found were:

    1. No support from Infusionsoft centrally (surely if you’re paying that much then they’d help to a certain extent, with a view to getting you running efficiently, and therefore staying loyal).

    2. Alternative support from very expensive external suppliers focused on getting some things in place but there was little after that (“thanks for the money but go away unless you want to pay us more”).

    3. Very laggy system – click something and wait for it to respond.

    4. (and this is the big one) – it’s easy to set things up, get it slightly wrong, and end up with a flood of problems, such as sending out something to people on your list, who you never intended sending to in the first place).

    IMHO the key problem with Infusionsoft is that it’s a complex and clever system, but people need hand holding (even quite technical people) but don’t want to pay through the nose for that support. A cleverer Infusionsoft would swallow the costs of support (to a certain level anyway) and so ensure their customers are happy ongoing.

    With regards to cancellation though, we had a positive experience (contrary to much of what I’d seen online). We knew we were moving to another system so put all that in place. Then had paid another month of the billing cycle when about to cancel (that’s our own fault of course). This is how the cancellation went:

    1. Spoke to them via live chat. They said they’d get it cancelled and someone would make contact.

    2. One of their customer care managers contacted me by email to say that they would of course cancel it but offered help. Specifically, this is what they said:

    I would be willing to do the following to get things headed in the right direction:

    • Cover the December 20th billing to give us until January 20th before another billing would be due.

    • Arrange for you to work with Think Automate Grow, who will spend some time going over business needs and then work to get those implemented in your Infusionsoft account. I will have them bill my department, so you will not be charged their normal $200 hourly rate.

    If you would like to take me up on this offer, please reply and I will get everything arranged. You will not be under any contract or owe for this additional support. We simply want you to succeed, and are willing to reinvest to make sure you get the value you deserve.

    3. I thanked him but basically said “too much too late, we’ve already moved”.

    4. He came back and said that no more billings would be takenand it would stop working at the end of the current billing period.

    So, the cancellation wasn’t too painful – it’s just irritating that they could have avoided it IF they’d had more customer focus while we were using Infusionsoft.

  7. Mathew says

    Similar experience. This Software is a TOTAL Rip-off!
    These guys remind me of AOL – impossible to cancel, and you have to waste so much time trying to cancel that you simply want to give up. They claim they are the #1 automation software for small businesses. Well, if they are such strong small business advocates, then they should STOP wasting our time with such complex offerings and so much time wasted on calls trying to cancel.

    NOTE: it is pretty sad when the brother of one of IS’s founders has to form a company (6th division) to do what IS fails to do (provide simple e-mail marketing solutions. Oh, but don’t ask the price of that service. After you’ve spent several thousand dollars trying to get IS to work, you can then pay their partner company a few more thousand to ACTUALLY give you canned marketing campaigns.

    What a joke!!!

    I’ve used about half a dozen different e-mail automation tools, and ConfusionSoft is THE WORST.

    I replaced Confusionsoft (plus half a dozen other apps) and replaced them ALL with Clickfunnels, two weeks ago. I have rebuilt my entire marketing campaign in CF with minimal effort.

    NOW, I’m going through the gymnastics of trying to cancel my IS account…and it is NOT easy.

  8. says

    Man, oh man. Wish I had read this blog before buying the InfusionSoft Kickstarter plan. First thing that happened is their tech guy said they actually cannot accommodate my system’s most complex functions. They suggested using a 3rd party integration. Ok. But after receiving a quote for $20k for the integration I decided that it wasn’t economic for me to use InfusionSoft after all. It has taken me about 2 weeks to get refunded my Kickstarter fees of $2400, which still haven’t hit my account yet. But here is the kicker: they said that the 2 months of charges for the software itself couldn’t be refunded because “services were rendered…” WTF are they talking about!?! I have already filed a disputed charge claim with my bank. There is no way in hell they will win the claim because I made them admit that their system could not accommodate the complex needs of my business, and they agreed and have refunded the Kickstart. But they are trying to hold on the the two payments of $379. This company is straight up gangster and predatory. I will not rest until I have all of my hard earned money. How did the whole thing happen? Their sales dept. is GREAT at their job, but when it comes to delivery I give them a D-.

  9. Bob Mooney says

    Their cancelation policy has not gotten any better over the years. After trying to use their program for a year I decided to cancel it this past April. Actually I was looking to put it on some type of hold so that I would not have to repay for the training if I their program became easier to use in the future (I am an optimist at heart)and I decide to give it another chance. When I called, I got talked into not cancelling but they would suspend my billing for three months. Being a sucker for a good deal I accepted. Shame on me,. I knew that three months would not make a difference. During those three months my credit card on record expired,thank you Costco. Today I called the accounting department to see about the past due amount and if they would work with me seeing that I never used the program in those free three months and the two months that that is due. The call did not go well to say the least. I was told that they can not make any adjustment to the bill and that the cancellation is in process. In process? What the f$$$ does that mean. I just told them I was cancelling, How is it in progress? They still have that two step cancelation policy. Why would a company want to make a client that is already two months behind have to talk with a member service rep in order to cancel? The reason is, they wrote the contract in order to maximize their income. I guess I will talk with the member service person when they call, Hopefully I won’t take them up on another great deal. The product may be good if you want to make using it a full time job for a few months, If you trying to run a business and don’t have a ton of money to pay a consultant to implement it stay away from this program. No matter what the sales rep is telling you he is lying to you if he makes it sound easy. Who knew you needed an attorney to go through a purchasing agreement for something of this nature. If they want less cancelations, have an into level product that competes in the market place. Then they can move the client through the sales funnel when they are ready. You don’t teach your child to drive in a race car. Just because the programmers wanted to put in every bell and whistle in the product does not mean everyone needs it and is willing to pay for it. Create a product the market wants and quit playing games with the billing. Just because it’s legal does not make it right. Sorry for the length.

    • Bob Mooney says

      I felt the same way that many of you expressed but after sitting back and looking at the facts in my case I have changed my view point. I think that infusion soft is hard to learn, but I do believe that they really do try to to help you learn the program. You do have to put in effort or money for the program to work. I did neither and the results were failure on my part. Marketing is has many moving parts and getting it right take more than luck or hope it takes a skilled approach. Sometime it is hard to look at our failures and take ownership for them. Many time we look to blame it on a third party. In my case I can honestly say that they offered to help teach me the program and assist with the membership fee while learning the program. It was me that did not take full advantage of the training.

      They have great salespeople that get you hook into buying the program. That is their job. Then they have great customer service people that try to keep you enrolled. They do this by offering you solutions to your problem with implementation. Let’s face it thetdi need us to be successful so that they will be successful. But you have to do your part. You have to put in the effort. It does more than many of its competitors and because of this it is harder to use.

      I hope this helps


      • Barbara Giamanco says

        Thanks, Bob. At the time I wrote this post, we had used Infusionsoft for 2 years. After paying people to learn the system (I went through classes too), it still wasn’t paying off. It was overly complicated for our needs, so I decided to pull the plug. As you say, if we ultimately weren’t successful, that is on us. My gripe was in the hassle of closing out the account. They make it difficult and that ticked me off. That’s why I finally wrote about the experience. They have issues with the overall customer experience. Given the comments I still receive on this post, it seems that experience has improved much.

    • Barbara Giamanco says

      Exactly. If you have to pay a high-priced consultant to make the system work, then it truly wasn’t designed for small business users who generally have less resources available to help them make it work.

  10. Geoff says

    Oh great. Wish I had seen this before signing up a couple of weeks ago. It felt like a pressure sale, but I convinced myself it was going to be a good experience as I am completely overworked with my bookings and marketing. Now trying to work out the dashboard and getting a sinking feeling. The Kickstarter calls seem to be focused on the needs of the staff member and he was desperate for me to “get it” even though I was exhausted from working long hours. Have a feeling this is not the answer I was looking for and have allowed myself to be sold a lemon (for my business at least – sole-trader photographer). Considering their non-refund policy it looks like I will use it as a learning experience for the next 12 months and plan on cancelling prior to the next billing and get my contacts out and into another system. Not a good feeling to deal with a company that seems to push to get subscribers and makes it so difficult to cancel if it turns out to be unsuitable…

    • Barbara Giamanco says

      Geoff – it sounds like you paid an annual fee up front? At the time I used the system, there was a small set up fee and then it was month to month. Cancelling before the next billing was always an option. If you are stuck for a year, try to make the best of it. It’s not bad as a newsletter system, but unfortunately, the promise is in all the other features of the system. We just found it was taking too much time to figure out how to get the results we wanted, and I wasn’t going to pay thousands to a consultant every time we wanted to run a campaign. Best of luck to you. I hope things improve!

      • Gary says

        Barbara – It was a $600 Kickstarter (training package of 4 x 90-minute calls), plus $200/month fee, but on a one-year contract. I have now been offered a USD$1000 termination fee to close the account early which is USD$84/month. A very expensive lesson.

        I suppose I could try and use it as a newsletter service, but the whole process has left such a bad taste in my mouth I think I will gladly pay the termination fee just to never have to go into that dashboard again. I would then have to possibly fight to get it cancelled in 12 months (as noted in previous posts) and also I just don’t want to get locked into this system. I have deleted the phone app as it offered little value. Such is life.

        I have also found a great solution for my needs as a sole trader (photographer) which was more about getting my invoices across to Xero plus scheduling/booking and basic CRM. It costs less than the invoice integration software that was on offer from IS and is charged month-to-month at USD$25 . It is called GeoOp, but others such as Jobber or Tradify also looked good..

        These apps offer a smaller leap to get started and are much more intuitive. I think that teamed up with Mailchimp or similar it would be a great one-man or small-team solution.


  11. J says

    November 2016 and they are still terrible

    Terrible API
    Terrible Sandbox
    Terrible service

    Terrible API
    create a record – custom field dates accepted
    update a record – custom field dates not updated, field must be a date..why is accepting ‘2016-05-12′ a problem for an update

    can i just submit a data object – nope you need to make individual calls to set things up, then why is your provided helper file a single file with 130 functions, of which I need 8

    why are tags required to be submitted as individual calls for each tag?

    Terrible Sandbox
    can you add a sandbox to may account – no you need to register
    register for sandbox- requires CC so they can bill you if you accidentally send something
    Registered sandbox is automatically added to live account…. why couldn’t the customer service/tech do that, why is it not an option to click to add a sandbox to an existing account?

    Can the sandbox be a clone of my existing account – nope, you need to create it form scratch by adding your custom fields and tags

    but then my tag id’s will not match – too bad

    try importing a record to create custom fields
    look – maps default fields but unrecognized fields need you to set them as create custom fields – no problem, select dropdown to set it as custom field – oh now i have to create the field — waste of time

    and then sandbox testing works….but move to live…and complete failure

    Consulting for Infusionsoft….your first recommendation should be… Use something else.

  12. M Wally says

    I am extremely disappointed at how they handled my business. I signed up for their services after I had a presentation with a sales rep. He went on saying that the software was really easy to use, there is obviously no trial so you have to sign up to see the full picture. So I signed up for a 6-month contract and as soon as I logged in, the nightmare started. The software is so outdated that I had to put it off for about 1 week and came back to it. I then talked to the coach, her sole purpose is to “understand who you are and your goals” They don’t help you set up campaigns and for technical stuff you have to reach to tech support or contract someone that can set up a campaign for you and fork more money. I contacted the coach and the sales rep about my concerns and I told them that I had no time to spend on learning the software and I wanted to see how they could help out – no response.. After the 3rd day I contacted their customer service line and requested to cancel the services. I then get a call from this guy Danny Diede and he goes on and on about how great of a software this is and so I explained my problem( I have no time to learn the software, the 349 dls a month payment is way to high for what this is, I dont want to spend more money on hiring someone to do the campaigns) and so he started to get aggressive during the call that at one point I wanted to end it. He is on “customer care” and my words were not being understood by him at all, so the conversation was going around in circles. The software is nowhere near intuitive. It is not an easy interface and in order to get a professional looking email campaign you have to hire. I am very well versed with computers and software and let me tell you that this interface is not easy. If you do a google search you will read nightmare stories about they way they conduct business. What a horrible way to conduct business. Lesson learned

  13. says

    Hello! Thank you for the post, I think! Haha. I’m in the process of cancelling as we speak. I was excited for the software, and being an IT guy I felt the system was easy enough for me to use. So basically my reason for cancelling is more based on needs for my specific industry. Now I’m nervous that I’m going to be stuck paying this service, and my new platform which will cost more, but better for me in the long run.

    I was assured by customer support that this will be an easy process and have a case number. They told me if I don’t get a call or email Monday I should call back.

    I have been satisfied with the support and on boarding process up to this point to an extent. I feel that chat support is a very very tier 1 support and lack knowledge in the product, though phone support and the onboarding team do a great job IMO.

    I will keep this post updated with the current cancellation process for the 2017 calendar year to hopefully help anybody else who reads this post.

    • Barbara Giamanco says

      As you are discovering, Jacob, there is nothing easy about doing business with InfusionSoft and watch out if you ever need to cancel. Awful customer experience.

  14. says

    Exactly the same problem so far for me.

    I decided after wasting quite a lot of time and quite a bit of money that the system is poor in terms of user centric interface and it’s not for me (albeit I am actively seeking CRM solutions).

    Went to cancel and they actually prevent you from submitting the form to say you’re cancelling without first forcing you to accept that you’re not cancelling, but merely requesting a call with a representative to chat about cancelling. Furthermore, you also have to check a box to say that you agree that no monies will be refunded at all. If you don’t check the two confirmations you can’t submit the form on cancellation.

    I managed to get through on the phone to the UK number which despite having a UK dialling code and claiming to provide UK customer services is actually not open UK business hours, but a US timezone hours.

    I had a lengthy discussion with a representative and explained I wanted to cancel. After about 20 minutes he then said he couldn’t cancel the account but instead he needed to arrange for someone to call me to have a chat about cancelling. I said that I didn’t want to speak to anyone else, as I merely wanted him to cancel. He explained this was not possible and that I had to speak to someone to discuss cancelling, and that someone would call me back in 24-48 working hours. WTF? Isn’t this supposed to be an automation platform? I didn’t even receive an email following the call with this chap to confirm that I had had a conversation with him.

    I’m now awaiting a call from the second customer service representative to discuss cancelling my account.

    I’m totally appalled by this platform and rather than become an advocate over time (which I am of plenty of software that I use), I will now become a detractor and actively discourage people from using this platform.

    Let us see what happens when the second person contacts me.

    Clearly a sign of software with issues when they have to literally create so many hoops for people to jump through before they leave.

    • Barbara Giamanco says

      Dawn- I’m sorry to hear about your challenges but not surprised. It sounds as if InfustionSoft has not only NOT made things better, in terms of customer experience, they’ve made it worse.

      • says

        Very much so Barbara. Still no response other than a clearly templated trigger response email which had missing parts in the body for the placeholders. Unprofessional. It did say ‘It pains me that we failed you even though it was just sub-standard and the email claimed to be from the CEO but it was actually a no-reply@infusionsoft.com sender. The personal touch huh?

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