We are often asked about the types of services and technology we use in our business. This is a list of services and tools that I recommend. Aside from Linked Insite, because we do our own social media marketing and networking, we use the products myself!  Note that we are affiliate partners of these companies and may earn a small fee when you make a purchase from them.


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How many times do you find your sales team members skipping over important steps in the sales process? When that happens deals often stall out and go nowhere. That’s why I’m recommending Membrain. I’ve seen the power of the platform for myself. In fact, I’m using it myself, and I can honestly say that Membrain is a sales game changer!
Membrain is a sales improvement platform for teams working with complex B2B sales. Membrain lets you continually fine tune your sales process and provide coaching to help your sales people make their numbers.  Find out more and get started here!


Customers expect salespeople to do their homework before engaging them in  sales conversation. Business Intelligence isn’t a nice to have. It is a must and something that everyone in sales needs. Combine it with LinkedIn for a powerful, one-two social selling punch! Start your FREE trial here.




You send lots of sales emails but don’t usually know when or if they were ever received or opened. With Yesware, you have the ability to get real-time insights into how your prospects are engaging with your emails and presentations. I also love that sales leaders and their teams can get analytics on which email templates team members are using that are getting the highest traction. Those that are generating the greatest return should be replicated and used by other members of the team to increase overall sales effectiveness with email.

Trusted by over 600,000 salespeople, Yesware lets you:

  • Track and analyze emails and presentations
  • Quickly integrate with Gmail/Outlook
  • Get real-time feedback on prospect engagement
  • Share top performing templates with the whole team
  • Get new reps up to speed faster

If you want to increase the effectiveness of those emails, in terms of delivering sales results, get signed up for a FREE 2-month trial of Yesware Enterprise now.


To manage your social media communications on multiple channels, if you aren’t an enterprise company with a big budget, it is hard to find tools that are powerful and affordable. For less than $10 per month, you can curate unlimited numbers of RSS feeds, follow and post content to multiple networks like Twitter, LinkedIn or your Facebook fan page. HootSuite Pro


Incredibly powerful webinar tool that is affordably priced for any business, especially small business. With the free account, which is where you will likely get started lets you set up program for small groups of 10. You won’t be able to record your sessions though, and you’ll be missing out on some other great features also.

Set yourself up for real success with the Premier account. You can have up to 1,000 users per session, full VOIP (voice over IP), PayPal integration for your paid sessions and so much more. An investment of $99.95 per month is the best bargain around.

One thing I love is that Meeting Burner hosts your recordings for you. NO messing around with uploading files to your website. There is no software to download and you can record sessions that run on AutoPilot (literally) at the date and time you specify. GET STARTED



This is your Social Media Calendar that lets you organize and schedule social media posts to support your blog posts. It is, bar none, the BEST product I’ve invested in this year. At $10 a month, you can plan your content schedule weeks in advance. Need to change
something? Easily move posts and social media messaging to other dates with a simple drag and drop.  GET STARTED



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From an extensive video library available to members right now and a live subscriber based Internet Broadcast program beginning in late 2014, small business owners discover ideas, tactics, and practical solutions to immediately increase sales, grow profits, and the path to achieve the goals they want to achieve.

With the largest Internet video library focused on small business, gold members find answers. You could sign up for a free Silver membership but Gold is where it’s at. For an investment of $19.95, which is a steal by the way, you gain unlimited access to the video library and to the upcoming broadcast channel.

Gold members RIGHT NOW enjoy more than 100 videos on sales, marketing, HR, finance, operations, personal development and much more.   Videos that have no theory - only practical solutions explained by the experts who have done it - not just talked about it.  Learn more and GET STARTED

NOTE: Affiliate fees or other perks may be earned when recommending products or services. Rest assured, we only recommend products and services that we believe in or use ourselves.