What’s Your Passion?

I finally watched the movie Julie and Julia. Wow! Talk about a story that inspires. It totally has me thinking about passion and commitment. Thank you, ladies. This year - more than any other - has been particularly challenging for many of us. As optimistic as I can be, there were far too many days in 2009 when I just felt like I couldn’t face another day of the world’s insanity. Maybe you felt that way too? So here we are on the eve of a New Year. I am pondering what will be different - what I will do differently. No big resolutions for me other than to give up doing things the same way and thinking that this time…the result will be different. It never is. With that in mind, I’m making changes to the site/blog, which you may have noticed. More to come on that. SOOOO…what will you do differently in 2010?

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