Ignoring the Instructions

This morning, for about 5 minutes, I ranted, raved and stomped around my office wondering why some people either cannot or will not follow specific instructions. Why do some people just insist on doing it their way, no matter how many times you ask them to “follow it exactly as I’ve described here”?

For some things, like running your sales territory, maybe you don’t need specific instructions that detail what you should do with each and every minute of your day. Not all team members will need to do things the exact same way in order to achieve results. But for other things, like when you are working with technology, as an example, following the exact instructions usually means something either ends up working, or it doesn’t. Some instructions are meant to be followed!

The final irony…

The same individuals who blatantly ignore instructions, invariably will point the finger of blame at someone else when things fail to go as planned.

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