Sales Coaching Excellence: A Sales Mastery Interview with Steve Martile

I remember when business coaching came into vogue about 10 years ago. It was not uncommon in those early days to meet lots of coaches at various networking events. With a low barrier to entry and not too many people questioning someone’s background and credentials, pretty much anyone could call themselves a coach…and did.

To this day, I remember a gal that I met at a chamber function that radiated exuberance off the charts and was certainly excited to tell anyone willing to listen that she was a Sales Coach. Intrigued, I spent a few minutes listening to her pitch and inquiring into her background. In asking what her experience was in selling, she admitted that she had none. Hum. A bit of a red flag, I thought. When I asked her why she decided to focus on Sales Coaching, given that she had no experience with it whatsoever, she simply replied that she had heard “that’s where the money is”.

No process, no background, no experience, no clients and nothing that demonstrated to me that this gal could even sell successfully for her own business. I remember thinking…why in the world would anyone ever hire you?

Full disclosure…if you cannot demonstrate that you’ve both done it yourself and helped your clients to do the same thing, I think you need to consider another profession.

And that leads me to my most recent interview with Steve Martile.

Our relationship began as a connection over LinkedIn and led to a later conversation about what we each did for a living. I was so impressed with Steve and his approach to coaching sales performers to higher levels of net worth that I just had to interview him.

Unlike a lot of coaches that I’ve met through the years, Steve has a “process” that is backed up by research and experience. In short, he gets results!

He has put the practical application of what he coaches into his own life and is quite successful by a long stretch. As always, I picked up a golden nugget from our conversation that I put into application immediately.

So, let me tell you about Steve Martile, Owner of Freedom Education.

Steve is an engineering consultant, blogger and sales coach.  He helps high commission sales professionals that are struggling to make enough sales, streamline their sales techniques and work more efficiently so that they can double or triple their commission checks.  His ideal clients are Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, High Performance Sales Professionals and Business Owners who have been in business 4-5 years or more, are big thinkers and are ready to do the work to take their business to the next level.

Last year Steve was published with authors Bob Doyle and Janet Bray Attwood in Adventures in Manifesting.  He lives 4 hours north of Toronto, Canada with his wife Trisha and his best buddy – his pooch Chloe.

When you listen to my conversation with Steve, you’ll learn:

  • How Steve got started coaching sales professionals.
  • How his 5 step approach helps his clients create results that last.
  • Out of the 5 key areas, the one that stands out as being the most important.
  • The big mistakes that sales professionals make when setting their own goals.
  • What stops top performing sales people from taking action and doing the things they know they should be doing.
  • How to Master Your Psychology to achieve the desired results.

And more…

You are going to love Steve’s energy. More importantly, you will benefit from his depth of knowledge and experience in getting his sales clients to achieve results that even they did not believe was possible.

Enjoy the interview!

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