Get the Message Right: A Sales Mastery Interview with John Cousineau

In this Sales Mastery Interview, we talk about how to engage prospects with the right message, and John has developed a unique system to help sales folks understand what conversations are working and which ones are not.

John’s product is called Amacus and it is designed to accelerate revenue from Business Development by revealing what’s working and what isn’t. Its auto-analytics show buyer reactions to seller efforts. They enable sales teams to hone best practices using trial and error with small, fast, tests of new tactics. Imagine what you’d like to know, if you could, about sales performance and how to improve it. That’s what Amacus is all about.

Let me tell you about John…

With innovative information inc., John’s leading efforts to improve sales performance using auto-analytics that provoke learning and improve habits. Amacus is his firm’s award-winning application.

John’s spent over 30 years harnessing the capabilities of technology and information in ways that accelerate business performance. His mantra: design innovative uses of information that let clients out-perform expectations.

He’s been doing it for a while. Dropped his first deck of punch cards in 1977. Used his first spreadsheet in 1980. Had his first email account in 1981. Co-produced the first internet video for the PGA tour in 1999. Through  these and other learning moments, John’s pursued ways to use information that drive business performance by making work fun; by getting people, faster, to the value creating parts of their daily routines.

When you listen to my conversation with John, you’ll learn:

  • Why producing analytics for sales people makes sense.
  • The problem he is helping sales people and their management solve.
  • Why the right kind of data is more important than more data.
  • The benefits that added accountabilities create for sales people.
  • Bad habits that firms might be practicing without knowing it.
  • Client benefits and learning.
  • Gauging whether the sales approach and message you are using is working.

And more…

Enjoy the interview!

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