Your Network is Your Garden…Take Care of It

Having a strong network is tantamount to success. That holds true whether you want to secure the next promotion, close the big deal or land a new job.

As I have talked about in other posts, keeping your network healthy and well tended is as important when you don’t have a job as when you do. If you don’t think so, just talk to a few folks who’ve found themselves displaced with no network to fall back on. Being out of work AND trying to build a network at the same time is no fun at all!

If you are your own paycheck then it goes without saying that networking is vital to keeping the funds flowing in. An important point often missed by solopreneurs and business owners. If you aren’t networking then you aren’t growing.

Even if you don’t like the idea of having to go to networking “events” remember that there are lots of ways to network these days. Social media tools like Twitter provides a very different way of getting to know others outside of your world.Your network is kind of like your garden. You need to plant new seeds, water and nurture them as they grow, and you need to be sure to weed out the dead stuff when necessary.

As we are poised to move into another New Year, now is a great time to ask these 5 things:

  1. What seeds do I need to plant to build and strengthen my network in order to grow my business or move my career to the next level?
  2. Who are the people in my network that I need to spend more time with to build a stronger relationship that will benefit both of us?
  3. What technology do I need to learn in order to extend my network reach?
  4. Who is on my contact list that needs to go?
  5. How can I expand my network doing things differently than I do today?

Remember to keep your network and your networking fresh. If you tend to your garden it will tend to you!

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