Tweet Carefully or Risk Losing Customers!

My oh my – sometimes it’s painfully obvious that some people have no understanding of basic etiquette and or even a basic understanding of what’s appropriate.

Let me introduce you to Mr. Andrews from the Ketchum Agency in New York. He goes by the twitter handle of “keyinfluencer” and with his ridiculously insensitive comment about HIS CLIENT’S home city…I’m not exactly sure that he’s the kind of influencer you want on your side.

FedX is one of his largest clients and his tweet made it abundantly clear that he would “rather die” than have to live in Memphis. Maybe so, but he managed to offend so many people at FedX that I have to wonder if he’s still on the job.

If you are curious about the details of the entire story – check out the post on Peter Shankman’s website

Moral of the story – be VERY careful what you put in print whether it’s email, in community forums, Facebook, Plaxo, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other online tool. Remember that other people are reading and that includes your clients and prospects. Being stupid can catch up to you pretty darn quickly!

Mr. Andrews, I’m just curious…would you have the gall to say that in person to any one of the many executives scheduled to hear your presentation? Let’s hope not. So if you wouldn’t say it to their face – DO NOT say it on Twitter!

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