Toby Bloomberg Highlights Social Media Marketers in Atlanta

I recently met Toby when we were teamed up for the recent E.Factor event in Atlanta. She’s been a top blogger for some time and recently decided to highlight women in the Atlanta community who are involved in social media. I have the pleasure of being highlighted on Toby’s blog myself.

About Toby…

After talking about the wonders of blogs to clients and in marketing workshops it was time to take my own advice, she says. She wanted a way to share the cool things she came across that could make life easier and more fun for marketers in a casual, exciting environment. Enter stage right – (drum roll) the Diva Marketing Blog!

According to Toby, “Diva Marketing is a state of mind. It’s an approach to marketing that’s fun, bold and savvy … but always strategically aligned with your brand’s objective.”

Check out my interview on Toby’s blog to learn more about my social media marketing experiences here.


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    Barbara – thanks for your kind words. One more aspect of social media that I neglected to include .. the spirit of generosity which is at the heart of this post. What fun it has been discovering the talented Atlanta women in this industry .. like you!

  2. says

    My pleasure, Toby! I firmly believe in “give to receive”, and I noticed right away that you exemplify that yourself. As my colleague, Lya Sorano likes to say…if women don’t support women, who will?

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