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Here we go again…more sales spam in my LinkedIn inbox.

On 11/16/10 2:59 PM, XYZ social sales clueless wrote:  Since you are a member of the Inside Sales Buzz group, I wanted to take a moment of your time to alert you to a fantastic sales tool that will improve your outbound calling capability by 300% (no kidding).

XYZ product is a power dialing software package that enables you to call up to four lines at a time and meets all FCC compliance rules. Its integrated voice and email capabilities can also greatly increase your INBOUND calls too. You don’t need a land line or long distance service. All you need is a computer and access to the internet.

If you are in sales, and haven’t looked into XYZ product, you owe it to yourself to investigate. It is the least expensive and easiest to use power dialing solution available anywhere. Let me know and I can set up a demo with one of our technical staff. No cost and no obligation, just a FREE DEMO.

XYZ social sales clueless
VP Business Development


Dear Clueless and Desperate,
I don’t know you, and I don’t take kindly to unsolicited sales pitches. It’s akin to cold calling. Just because we are members of a group doesn’t mean I gave you my permission to spam me. –BG

Apparently, there are some sales professionals who just do not get it. Please, don’t let that be you!


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    Over the past 3 months I have seen a drastic rise in efforts like this. Also in Fake profiles or ones that are so suspicious to make one think they are. In fact sales people are using their “InMails” for this purpose so I can’t even screen this as group sent information. I would like to be open to connections but less and less people are working on their profile first with even the intent to offer info before they slam me with the sales pitch.

    Of recent – the mail list people are sending me information on mail lists – unsolicited with improper grammar, rude statements about what I agreed to or not. but in reality I don’t have any clue. I feel like I have a third world non english speaking organization trying to pretend they are in the US. Stop the insanity.

    I liked your response and might use it the next time. Maybe LinkedIn should offer a Block like Facebook does. That would make more people careful about what they send I think.


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    Thanks Wendy for your comments! In part 2, I shared the respond of my clueless sales rep who didn’t appreciate my suggestion that he doesn’t spam people on LinkedIn. Ironically, he wrote a 3rd message making things even worse. I’ll post that for the planet to see, because it is unbelievable to me how clueless some sales representatives are these days.


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