Stay In It to Win It!

It has begun. The relentless beating of the negativity drum that our media insists on pounding. Predictable I suppose, but none the less disappointing.

Well meaning colleagues perpetuate the negativity. Do we really need to keep sharing bad news? News that we can do nothing about? Just now, I see that BNET has posted an article about “staying afloat if the economy  tanks”…really? Is this helpful?

Is it possible that focus on the unwanted just brings more of the same?

In a LinkedIn group, the question is posed…”How will you deal with objections to the current economic conditions this week?”

My answer?

I won’t acknowledge that they exist. The objections I mean. They haven’t come up, so why should I waste energy expecting that they will?

Henry Ford said it best when he said, “Whether you say that you can or you can’t, you’re right”.

Attitude is everything!

For salespeople, or anyone who has a product or service to sell, right attitude is the most important tool you need in your wheelhouse. Use it. Rise above the noise. Add value. Be of service. Give.

And NEVER EVER let someone else define YOUR sales success for you!

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