Spend $50 to Earn $50,000

I’m a huge fan of supporting other business owners, and I’m particularly close to a few of them.

This is for my good friend, Ruth King at the Profitability Channel. What she’s offering is amazing. READ ON

Seven Time Tested Strategies to
generate $50,000 Revenue in 30 Days.

Includes 1 day access to Profitability Channel.

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  • Did you ever “have your back against a wall” and needed cash for payroll?
  • Have you ever lost a large client and the profit they generate…and the business survived?
  • Have you ever needed to increase your business revenues FAST?

Then, you’ve come to the right place.

Make Money Now is the one hour session that gives you:

  • ways to make money now from those who have done it
  • ideas that may solve current cash flow issues

Hi, I’m Ruth King, a serial entrepreneur and founder of ProfitabilityChannel.com.  I can’t even count the number of times my back has been up against the wall in the past 26 years and I had to raise cash FAST.  And yes, I lost that large, $1.6 million client and the profit they generated…the business survived and still is operating.

Learn what I did (and continue to do) as well as others who have been in dire need of cash and succeeded.

You’ll hear from:

  • A man who generated $177,443 cash in 30 days and saved his business
  • A woman who generated $210,000 cash in 90 days
  • A man who generated $25,000 profit in 10 days
  • …and more

Ask them questions.  Pick their brains so you can do this too!

Join us on Wednesday, December 17, 2008 at 12 Noon Eastern time on ProfitabilityChannel.com. Participate in my live video broadcast.  Ask questions and get answers on the spot.  Learn multiple ways you can solve your cash flow issues!

Your investment?  Only $50.  After you register I will send you a $100 gasoline or grocery rebate certificate. So, you’ll actually get your investment back plus $50 to eat or drive on me…along with the ideas you need to raise cash quickly.

If you miss the live broadcast, or want to watch it again, you can! It will be available for 30 days.  Watch it again and again, even at 3 AM.

This program is NOT a “invest $50 and Ruth will try to upsell you” during the video broadcast. There is no follow up program to up sell unless you want to join ProfitabilityChannel.com. I truly want to help you…give you ideas that will spur more ideas to make money now.

Here’s my 100% iron clad guarantee…if you don’t get at least one idea that you can use simply call 800-511-6844 and your $50 will be cheerfully refunded with no hassles…and keep the rebate certificate as my thank you for participating.

Click here to sign up today!  (When you do I will email you the special password to watch and participate in my program).

Join me and thousands of other business owners who are serious about raising capital now!

To your success,

Ruth King

Ruth King

PS. Enroll today…it will be the best $50 you invest all year. It has a guaranteed 100% investment return.

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