Something for Nothing?

I’m a little tired of receiving emails from people who want something from me, but they don’t bother to ask what they can do in return for a favor. Totally bad manners, in my opinion. I don’t mind helping people if I can. In fact, I really enjoy it. What I do not appreciate are the takers who show up randomly with their hand out. Really? People this is just rude.

Some recent examples…

  • A sales guy that I know who only sends me email when he’s out looking for another job. Dude, I’m not a recruiter. And since you haven’t bothered to stay in touch, except when you want something, why would I invest the time to help you?
  • Same scenario as above, but it’s a woman I met ONCE at a networking event three years ago. At least three times since then, she’s sent me a a LinkedIn email with her resume, because she needed help landing a job. I finally just deleted her out of my connections list.
  • The guy who sent me email a few days ago, saying that he enjoyed the webinar I had recently delivered. He goes on to invite me to attend an event he’s hosting as his guest. OK, not so bad, but wait for it…he then asks me for a list of my contacts who he can invite to the event. First of all, I have never met you, and I don’t know who the heck you are. Secondly, I am not interested in supporting your event or the person you are working with…been there, done that and it never turns out well. What are you thinking? You want me to give up the connections that I work hard to cultivate for your gain?
  • Another gal over on LinkedIn who never sends anything to people in her network unless it is a pitch for her latest event. At first, I thought she was only doing it to me. Heard from a few colleagues that it was happening to them and they were fed up. Easy resolution…remove connection. Buh bye!

I could go on, but you get the idea. I’m just wondering what the people who do these sorts of things are thinking. Is common courtesy a thing of the past? Or, have people just become so desperate, selfish and self-centered that all they can do is think about what THEY want?

My time has value. I’m running a business not a charity. If you want FREE sales help, FREE job seeking help or FREE whatever else type of help you need without being willing to give back, please ask someone else. Or, whip out your credit card and pay for my consulting time.

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