Smackdown in Twitter Land

Twitter is one of those technologies that is gaining some serious momentum. People like me are beginning to realize that this is an entirely new way of reaching people we otherwise couldn’t. And…

Chris Brogan – who I respect quite a bit – posted a rant about people using automated messages to respond to people who follow. His points were:

1. It’s social – so take a minute to send a personal note, not one generated by an impersonal autoresponder.

2. Stop using these “thank yous” as thinly disguised (ok, some not so thinly disguised) sales pitches.

I’m new to Twitter. I’m having fun with it, and I can see the business implications. And just like I wouldn’t try to sell you the first second I meet you, I wouldn’t do that with a technology like a Twitter. There’s are lots of folks out there that need to take this to heart!

Twitter - and other technologies like it – are about building a relationship in a new way. The old rules most definitely do not apply! What I love about this world is that people will absolutely let you know if you are crossing the line. That’s good I think. If you make a mistake but also get real time feedback that you’ve done so AND you are willing to shift your approach – that is all good.

Read the post and the comments at

As far as I am concerned, the general rules of biz etiquette apply online as well as offline. Those that offend offline are sure to do it online as well. In the end, some things never change. If you want to build relationships with people, take the time to get to know them. Share yourself with them. Contribute by sharing information and ideas with other people regardless if it gets you something in the meantime.

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