Sell More, More Often When You Understand Customer Buying Styles

A sales assessment is a specialized profile that analyzes the “make-up” of a salesperson. Sales assessment results can be used in three specific ways.

  • Help sales managers hire better salespeople.
  • Troubleshoot performance problems with existing salespeople.
  • Develop a salesperson into a better performer.

Understand what you have to offer! What your strengths are, what challenges you face when selling, areas for growth AND you learn about what appeals to your customers when being sold too.

Using this profile, you will:

  • Learn about your sales Strengths
  • Recognize and learn from your sales Challenges
  • Recognize Customer Buying Styles
  • Learn what Drives Buying Behavior for each style
  • Learn to Adapt your sale style to Meet Different Customer Needs
  • Practice what you’ve learned

Included with each Everything DiSC Sales Profile are five online, personalized Customer Interaction Maps that are completed after the profile is initial completed. This gives you to put your learning into immediate action.

Everything DiSC Sales Profile Price: $75.00

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