Salesconx Fails to Connect

CB058292So I just partially listened to about the most boring presentation EVER from Evan over at Salesconx. If the meat came after the self-serving preening then I missed it. The call wasn’t boring because Evan isn’t talented or because he cannot communicate his message well, but boring because it was nothing more than a pitch – a feature dump – offering pretty much no value to me. The buyer. Ah, the wasted potential.

Maybe Evan didn’t realize that the webinar came off sounding like the cheezy sales pitch that it was. Thing is that Evan is the real deal. I love the concept of his business model. It’s a referral driven marketplace that has big potential. I enjoyed his interview with Fast Company Magazine and think you might too.

But back to that darn webinar…

Driving Sales Revenue Using a Virtual Team was the topic that caught my eye. I signed up. I carved out 45 minutes of now non-billable time to listen in. The session didn’t live up to its name. A little creativity could have gone a long way.

I’m a small business owner. Educate me on industry best practices. Show me how using a virtual team actually drives the intended results. Give me some pointers on the questions I ask during the RFP process with a virtual sales company. Tell me how the right virtual team skyrockets my sales. Share a nugget with me that I can put into action now. Then you become my hero forever.

Capture my interest. Show me value. Then you have earned the right to talk about yourself.


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