Sales Meets Social Media

mediaarrowRight now, your prospective clients are reading about your products and services on blogs and in forums. They are scanning YouTube videos, searching you out on Facebook, viewing your LinkedIn profile and asking their colleagues if they should buy from you OR from your competitor. In short, they do their homework!

Today’s savvy professionals understand this new world of social media and networking. They know that the old “hop on a plane” model of selling no longer makes sense.

Death of Sales 1.0

Willy Loman, the beaten-down traveling salesman made famous in Arthur Miller’s 1949 classic, never fully accepts that to succeed in a world that is changing around him, HE must change his approach. Unfortunately, he never does.

Companies today are filled with Willy Loman types who refuse to change their sales approach. They insist that the only way to close the deal is to meet someone “face to face”. These old school sales types resist using online media as a way to build relationships, because they stubbornly believe it can’t be done. Refusing to admit that the entire world is not their ideal client; they pitch the same way to everyone only to end up appealing to no one.

It’s the New Style

Enter Sales 2.0 – The New HandshakeTM – a targeted form of selling that incorporates the power of the web. It is a model that allows sellers to attract, interact and close business with buyers online. This new approach – when done right – leads to higher sales velocity, volume and profits.

If you continue to do what has always been done, you will find yourself achieving lackluster results. You will witness declining sales and waning customer relationships. And like Willy Loman, you might wonder how the world passed you by.

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