Sales Desperation = Spam = No Deal!

There seems to be a fair amount of desperation out there in the marketplace these days. I’ve had it with the SPAM sales pitches, and if they are being used on me, a small business owner, I’m confident these same salespeople are using these tactics with larger companies too. The only difference is that the “big fish” are probably receiving 10 to 20 times the garbage that I do, because after all, they’ve got bigger bucks to spend and their company name grabs more attention on the client list. If it is a problem for me and it drives me nuts, what do you think these corporate execs you are trying to reach are thinking?

Let me paint a picture for you…

I’m imagining that I’m a key decision maker in the division of a larger company. As I sift through emails in my already over saturated email account, I have to wade through the lame, inarticulate, uncreative; boilerplate sales spam being cranked out over email and through my social networks. I’m thinking…geez, really? This is an embarrassment to the sales profession. I’m thinking that this is why I don’t like dealing with salespeople. You, Mr. or Ms. Salesperson are probably congratulating yourself for all the emails you’ve sent out. You’re confident that something will stick and you’ll book a few appointments. Me, I’m your prospect, and I’m saying to myself…no way that I would ever buy from you.

Salespeople and their managers need to grasp one fundamental concept that is often overlooked. Here it is…buyers today approach the sales process differently. They often start without you! The problem is that far too many salespeople are not adapting, which is simply a recipe for losing out on sales opportunities. As Einstein so aptly put it, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.”

Over the course of the next week, I’m going to talk about 7 critical elements that salespeople need to be thinking about if they hope to achieve quota – month in and month out – in this new world called social selling. That means unlearning most of what you have been taught about how to sell successfully to this point in your sales career. I’m not going to be popular with companies who’ve made their living teaching transactional sales approaches, but I’m not Barbie here to win a popularity contest. I want you to succeed and that is exactly why I wrote a book to bring it all home. Bottom line…I want you to blow the doors off your sales quota and rake in those big fat commission checks!

Here’s what I know…

I’ve been selling professionally (and very successfully) for almost 30 years. For the past 10 years, I’ve consulted with sales organizations of all sizes to help them increase their sales utilizing great sales skills and technology to stomp their competition. I know that sales success in this new world of “information at your fingertips” isn’t about slinging sales hash on the wall and hoping that a few people will talk to you. Nope, your sales success requires that you adapt your approach for each prospect; it requires that you do your homework, and it absolutely requires that you customize your message before hitting the send button.

Yes, you can send 250 random emails and delude yourself into thinking that you are doing a good job. Or, you could actually do your job as a salesperson and target your prospects and craft your messages to suit their needs not yours!

Barb Giamanco and her team consults, trains and coaches sales teams to higher levels of super star sales. For more information on how you can work with Barb call 404-647-4925.


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    Barb, I too get frustrated when a salesperson calls me or sends me emails trying to sell me something without the slightest knowledge of my needs. Is it too much to expect? I think not as all they have to do is a bit of research using LinkedIn and other tools to determine the initiatives or probable needs of my firm. Almost weekly my office receives a call from a telephone system salesperson. If they only did their research before calling they would soon discover the entire 20-plus floor office building’s tenants all share the same system. Sending me a targeted message is well received…and appreciated which to means the sales person is working to create a relationship and that results in my seeing them as credible.

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