Sales Blunder #8: Failing to Adapt Your Sales Style

In most things in life, a one-size-fits-all approach is rarely effective. This is especially true with selling. Approaching the sale the same way with every person just doesn’t work. Sure, you might be marginally successful with a few who have a similar style to yours, but you’ll be losing the chance to sell your product or service to about 75% of those others who are very different from you.

As you meet prospective clients observe their pace – do they walk fast, talk fast and ask rapid fire questions? If the answer is “yes”, your best bet is to dispense with the pleasantries, cut to the chase, tell them what results they’ll get when they work with you, and then get out of their office. Others you’ll encounter will want detailed explanations and facts and figures to back up what you are offering, to be reassured that the buying risk they are taking won’t leave them twisting in the wind.


To get started you’ve got to know yourself first. Assess your current sales strengths and capabilities. Get to know what you’re really good at and definitely get to know where you have challenges in the sales process. What comes next is learning about the personality styles of other people and what works for them in the sales process.

An important tool that you can use is the Everything DiSC Sales Profile to help you understand exactly where you excel and where you will need help. And more importantly, you will learn exactly what you need to do adapt your communication and pace in order to better connect with your prospect. When you understand how to meet people where they are and give them what they need during their buying process, your sales success will definitely soar!

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