Isn’t Intention Grand?

Wow, what a super day! I love days like this when things just sort of flow. Over the weekend, I picked up an email that a colleague forwarded on to me about a journalist looking for someone to contribute to their article. Since my passion and background is all things sales, combined with a geek like interest in how to use online resources to build a referral network and drive revenue – it was a natural fit for me. I must admit that it’s the first time I’ve been interviewed via “email”. Sort of fitting though given the topic:). I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope that what I shared was valuable and relevant enough to get me quoted.

successmagProbably the most fun of all is that this is for a piece in Success Magazine, which is by far the most inspirational and educational publication I read each month. If you don’t have a subscription – you need one! In addition to great magazine content, you also recieve a combo CD/DVD with great interviews from some of the most successful people on the planet. And my personal fav bonus…classic recordings or people like Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone. BTW – I do not have an affiliate relationship with Success Magazine although maybe I ought to:). I just happen to think it’s a must read for anyone interested in achieving success in every aspect of their lives.

Oh, and if you are wondering about what I meant when I said isn’t intention grand? As a writer myself, I set an intention last month of writing articles for Success Magazine. So you tell me…is this a coincidence?

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