Instant Really Isn’t

Instantaneous: occurring with no delay; “relief was instantaneous”; “instant gratification”

hereandnowIt is sooo tempting to want instant. Instant success, instant love, instant cash flow, instant sales, instant weight loss…basically, instant results. It’s human I suppose. We feel pain and then want something – anything – to give us instant relief.

Instant is a myth, except perhaps in just one thing. We can instantly decide to change ourselves, our thinking, or our approach if things are not working the way we want them too.

But instant sells.

The problem with wanting – and naively expecting instant – is that it can only lead to more frustration. I don’t know about you, but I have never found that anything actually worth achieving just sort of happened…uh, instantaneously. Though using the word might make for an enticing marketing promotion or book title, the truth is that anyone trying to sell you instant anything is only perpetuating a lie.

Using social media and social networking to boost your sales efforts is no different. You can absolutely “speed up” your success, but it does not happen in an instant. You must determine your purpose, shape your brand, help others, participate often, be persistent, cultivate a following, invest in delivering value to others and be patient. There are no over night successes here. But it will happen IF you decide to…

  • Stop going for cheap. Your success requires an investment in time & money to learn from people with proven experience.
  • Make time every day - YES, every day! – to participate in the online space…this is part of your sales process NOT an add on!
  • Forget the notion of “instant”. Sweat equity is required if you want to create a strong brand presence on AND offline that leads to sales.
  • Reset your expectations. I’ve been in sales 30 years and using technology for almost as many…do you really think sitting through a 1/2 day social media class gets you to my level in an instant? It takes time!
  • Do your darn homework. If someone says, “I can teach you to get 200 Twitter followers daily.” – you must make sure they are doing it for themselves. It might be important to know if they use the system and tweet themselves. Duh.
  • Slow down. Stop being desperate. Be in it for the long term. Think about the message you want to communicate to potential buyers (or employers) who have not met you yet. Craft compelling profiles. Share valuable information. Get help if you need it!

Finally, give up on instant! Decide what you want, believe you can have it, take the massive action required to get there, and you will achieve results! But sorry…it will not happen in an instant.


  1. says

    Someone recently said to me that effective use of social media is like a marathon in comparison to the 100 yard dash.

    Thank you for the reinforcement. It is a process and one that requires planning and consistent execution.

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