In Memory of David Mason – Mason Performance Development

There are moments in our lives when we are caught completely off guard and shaken to the core. Such was a moment for me this past Friday evening.  A shining star, a powerhouse of inspiration, motivation and smiling energy, a man just 40 years old, a man that I knew for barely an instant, I learned had died. 

I had all kinds of plans in mind when I kicked off the first edition of the new Sales Today! e-zine. I was going to wow people with my insights, tips and general musings on what it means to sell and market in ways that grow your business. But with the news that an incredibly cool guy had passed on, those things just didn’t seem as important. Instead, I decided to dedicate the first issue of our e-zine to David Mason of Mason Performance Development and his family.

I met David in February in the most serendipitous of ways. People who know me know that’s code for “I was supposed to meet him!” As one of several internet TV hosts with the Profitability Channel, I one day received a frantic call from the Program Manager asking if I could “pinch hit” and interview Dave for a program that was scheduled to take place two days later.  

On the day of the interview, we hit it off immediately. I was struck by Dave’s positive energy, his passion; his love for his work. When we sat for the formal interview, it seemed like I’d known Dave my whole life. Do you know that feeling? 

In March, Dave joined me on Talent Builders Radio and the feedback from his interview was tremendous. In the spirit of sharing a piece of Dave with all of you please visit Talent Builders Radio to hear the interview. In the few months before Dave’s passing, we exchanged a few emails here and there, but the radio interview was the last time we talked in person.  

Last Friday, I called Dave’s office. A colleague of mine was looking for a guest marketing expert for his business coaching series; I immediately thought of Dave. When Dave’s answering machine picked up, I heard the words that I’ll never forget, “Due to the death of David Mason, Mason Performance Development is no longer in operation.” I was stunned.  

Dave’s sudden and unexpected death at such a young age is a reminder that we should never take life or the people we love for granted.  It just takes a moment of our time to be willing to be present, to connect with someone else and to genuinely care about their story. All of us – I believe – want to know that we made a positive impact on someone else. For me, I will always appreciate the opportunity to know David Mason. I knew him for a brief moment in his life and mine. Mine has been changed forever! 

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