Holiday Well Wishes Disguised as Sales Pitches are Not Welcome!

Lately, I feel that certain business people out there have stooped to new lows in their search for the clever email subject line that gets their message read.

In the past 2 weeks, I’ve received countless emails from people wishing me a happy holiday or so it seems. Several of these people I barely know so why I’m on a newsletter list I didn’t ask to be included on well… that’s definitely a subject for another post.

Here’s the deal. If you know me and want to send me a holiday greeting – cool. Thank you! I enjoy the well wishes and back at ya!

But for those of you who have decided to use a holiday greeting as an opportunity to sell me something…that’s just sleezy! Have a little integrity and be honest about what you are doing! Kindly leave your sales pitch at the door and stop including it in my Christmas card.

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