Getting From Here to There Requires a Goal

To this point in 2009, to say that the world seems a bit out of whack would probably be an planetsunderstatement. Fear, negativity, disillusionment, insecurity and victim attitudes are rampant. Throw in a dose of Saturn & Uranus planetary energies, which only serves to shift conflict into high gear, and oh boy, it is sometimes hard to keep a smile on your face. But I am determined!

I’m creating wealth – what about you?

Opportunities are out there. It may take longer to uncover them and close them, but they are there! Through a series of events happening in my own life, I’ve come to realize that we are either:

  • Doing the right things day in and day out to move us forward in achieving our goals.


  • We aren’t.

Crazy, I know. And it really is just that simple.

Your time and your life are precious. The biggest waste of time and life is for you to spend years accomplishing something that you could have achieved in only a few months. –Brian Tracy

I have always prided myself on one thing. That is, if I am not achieving the results that I say I want in my life…well then, it’s time to look in the mirror. It is not an easy process, but certainly well worth the effort if you are willing to push ego to the side and get honest with yourself. Tony Robbins says one key to achieving success is to ask better questions, so I start asking myself:

  • Am I really clear about what I want either for me personally or for the business? Am I sure I know why I want these things at all?
  • Have I clearly defined how it is I plan to get from here to there? Are my goals written down? Are they focused and measurable? Do I look at them often?
  • Am I making sure that I am completely – 100% focused ONLY on the daily activities that will ensure I reach my goals?
  • Where am I wasting time that must be stopped immediately?
  • Do I surround myself with winners? If not, why not?

Companies often strive to find ways to replicate their star sales performers. It seems to me that they often look for the gimmicks, when in reality the truly successful sales people know the #1 secret to achieving their objectives is really about the basics: setting the right goals, writing them down, reviewing them often, tracking their progress, spending time on the right priorities and taking massive action – consistently. They don’t waste time with people or activities that stall their progress.

I’m on a mission to create greater success and wealth in my life. How about you? If you are then let’s journey on the path together. My intent over the next few days and weeks is to talk about goals. I am committed to playing bigger, achieving more, and I want to give back in ways that I haven’t even considered yet. For you it might be blowing away your sales goals and for someone else it might be to travel to an exotic place for that dream vacation. It really doesn’t matter. What matters is the process.

Success depends on life mastery. Victims don’t get this, but the truly wealthy do. So, which player are you?


  1. Genell Boyer says

    Appreciate your insight. We waste alot of time going aimlessly and wondering why we have not accomplished our goals. Your articles are a wake up call for me. Thank you………………

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