Connect, Influence, Engage

Conversations in the social media are now more influential to the buying decision than traditional sales and marketing tactics. Traditionally, as salespeople, our job was education. To make buying decisions, buyers relied on us to tell them about what we sold. They had their own systems of stack ranking their choices. People skills played a huge role, because we either established rapport and they trusted what we told them, or not. Those days are gone. As Paul Greenberg at Inside View puts it, “The conversation is in control of the customer; the customer has the means and the networks necessary to get what they want and formulate their opinions—without the company or the sales person.” Social selling is based on this new reality.

Relationships—who you know—has always been a sales professional’s edge. So, until now salespeople focused on networking, establishing rapport, and leveraging relationships via face-to-face meetings, conferences, clubs, and civic organizations. As technology keeps influencing the way we do business, social selling becomes a model that allows sellers to attract, interact, and close business with buyers online by tapping the conversational power of the web. This new approach—when done right—leads to higher sales velocity, volume and profits.

If you liked the short excerpt above, then I encourage you to read the full article (page 16 in the PDF) that I wrote and was published in Sales and Service Excellence Magazine. You’ll also be able to enjoy many more great business articles in the October edition. Just click on the link and enjoy! Publication is compliments of Ken Shelton, Editor/CEO of Leadership Excellence.

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