Brand Killer: Part II

Well, clearly some folks just do not understand that the way people want to buy products and services has changed. Imagine my surprise…well, maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised…when dumb & dumber sent me a LinkedIn email in response to my suggestion that his sales spam was not appreciated.

On 11/17/10 9:52 PM, XYZ wrote:

If you don’t want to receive messages from other group members you can go to your group settings and check a box that says you don’t want to receive messages from other members of the group.  Its that simple.  Nothing wrong with Cold Calling either by the way.


Really? Instead of considering the feedback you decide to school me on how to use LinkedIn?

Here is the response that I sent this morning…

Well, XYZ thanks for taking rude to another level. You’ve certainly convinced me that I would never buy from you, and I’ll be happy to share that news with my network. I’m well aware that I can turn off messages. If you had bothered to read my profile, you would know that I’m quite experienced in the areas of social media and sales. In fact, my book was just published on the topic. I do not turn off messages because I like connecting with others, and I trust that professionals will not abuse the privilege. Sending me unsolicited sales spam is not connecting. You are simply pushing your own agenda. And, yes, there is something wrong with cold calling. Clearly, you do not understand the buyers of today. –B


Folks, this type of mentality is exactly what today’s buyers HATE about sales people. Frankly, that ticks me off, because the majority of us are very professional and understand the social rules of engagement online. What this person fails to realize is that he is doing more harm to his brand than good. But I’m not that shocked actually. He sells a sales dialing service AKA automated cold calling and in reviewing his LinkedIn profile, it’s clear he doesn’t have much of a network. It appears he’s only using LinkedIn for his own self serving agenda. That’s unfortunate, because in the long run, it will never serve him.

Should we all take bets on whether or not he’ll be dumb enough to reply again? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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