Sales Meets Social Media

Recently, colleague Scott Williford of My Interview Link helped me to create a series of video clips that talks about our business services. Scott offers a great service for the job seeker and/or the business professional looking for a professional way to showcase what they offer. When I showed up that morning to film my segments, I was impressed with the professional set up. Brent filmed the segments and did a nice job making me look good:). Check out the 5 vignettes here. At the end of the shoot, Scott asked me to film a couple of blog clips talking about social media. Enjoy the clip posted here.



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    I liked the short, focused message of each vignette. I especially liked the last one since I had just read your free ebook: “The New Handshake – Primer to Getting Started” and ordered your hardcover book from Amazon earlier this morning! I’m looking forward to diving in when it arrives on Monday!

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