Are You Thriving or Merely Surviving?

Goals give you a sense of meaning and purpose. Goals give you a sense of direction. As you move toward your goals you feel happier and stronger. You feel more energized and effective. You feel more confident and competent in yourself and your abilities. Every step you take toward your goals increases your belief that you can set and achieve even bigger goals in the future. –Brian Tracy

survivalMuch of what is happening in today’s business environment can simply be described as surviving. Reducing headcount, cutting expenses, hoarding cash, putting off purchases. You can just feel the crackle of fear in the air. Survival isn’t just happening on the business front, it is also happening on the personal front. Every expense is being carefully scrutinized and purchases – expect for the essentials like groceries and gas – are being put off indefinitely. Scarcity mentalities and fear of losing more are doing more harm than they are good.

It’s time to shift thinking! I believe that many people are scared because they are moving through life on autopilot without much of a plan. Nor are they taking the time to learn new skills. Social media provides such an excellent opportunity to learn. It is also an amazing way to listen to the online conversations taking place. Being able to hear what people say they want – and need – may just provide you with a new idea or a new way of approaching your business.

It’s time to thrive! That’s what living is all about.


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