Are You Social Selling?

socialsellingAs human beings, we seem to be hard wired to resist change, even when presented with information suggesting that to move in another direction would be wise.

Reminds me of the movie – Groundhog Day. Bill Murray portrays Phil Connors an egotistical TV weatherman faced with living one day in his life over and over again. Connors is presented with the rare opportunity to take a different path when faced with the same circumstances. It is a clever film about do over’s and the challenges of changing our ways.

78% of buyers consistently say that they go to the web to do research on something they plan to purchase according to Anderson Analytics.

This is the world of social selling. In today’s relationship economy, buyers are not interested in meeting with you personally to learn about your products and services. At least not at first. They want to research you before meeting you. You need to be ready.

Sales behavior has to adapt to this new relationship economy. It doesn’t mean that your prior investments in sales training, sales methodologies, CRM systems or sales process is lost. It does mean that how you engage and connect with potential buyers has changed.

Are you ready?


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