7 Rules for Your Success

j0303027Amid the pessimistic reports of recession, bailout battles and the jailing of yet another corporate thief, there is a brighter side!

Did you know that 92.8% of Americans ARE employed?

Prior to my interview last night on Andy Greider’s Uniqueness is Power business radio show, Andy and his co-host Lee Kantor were talking about the economy. BTW – if you missed the show, it should be available for download by Monday. Anyway, Lee pointed out that the media types like to make the 7% unemployment rate the issue when in fact a really significant percentage of our citizens have jobs. It’s easy to overlook that fact when we are beaten to death with gloom & doom.

It’s up to us to change our mindset. What’s the upside of whatever problem or challenge we perceive? What is a positive way to look at it?

We must…Think positively. Use positive language. Set our goals. Take Action on them. Maintain focus. Close our ears to noise. And darn it, just keep pushing forward.

I am posting here Brian Tracy’s Seven Rules for Success, which I hope you will not only be motivated by, but be inspired to take the action he suggests.

1. Take Action – Act of taking 1st step separates winners from losers.

2. Always Forward, Never Backward – The ability to persist in the face of setbacks and disappointments.

3. The Only Time You Have is Now – Deal with what lies clearly ahead, not what lies dimly in the distance.

4. Fly with Eagles – Watch out for naysayers, get around positive people.

5. Obstacles and Difficulties Instruct Not Obstruct – Learn from mistakes in order to achieve success.

6. Be Clear on Your Goals. Keep Your Mind Open – Not what you have but what you do with what you have. Be willing to change, try something new, and accept feedback from your environment.

7. No One does it Alone – Asking for help is a mark of strength, courage and character.


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    Dear Barb,

    Thanks for this upbeat reminder that things are better than the media makes us believe. It’s very refreshing to revisit the 7 tips for success.

    Also, I’d like to add that in the book the How of Happiness which I just finished reading from cover to cover, the author makes a very good case for the power of the mind. If we believe we are unhappy, we will be. If we believe we are happy we will be. This has been proven with any number of studies.

    And, by the way, I love your new photos on the site. You look great!


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    Interesting comment from your twitter follower Chris Blake: “my i-phone will be so happy.” Was he sarcastic or does he derive his happiness from his Iphone? If “happiness is found in small places”, I guess he has a point (of sorts)!

    Barb, keep up your positiveness; it does you good and it inspires your friends and peers. We all benefit.


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