29 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for Social Selling

  1. Establish your LinkedIn profile if you haven’t already. Duh. LinkedIn is the premier B2B (business to business) networking tool out there. Get LinkedIn or get locked out is my motto.
  2. Create compelling content that tells people the value that they receive when working with you.
  3. Make sure your profile is 100% complete.
  4. Include a professional headshot…not one of the kids or from your last fishing vacation!
  5. Improve your search rankings by adding applicable keywords in the headline area underneath your name. Sorry, but nobody searches for CEO of anything. Sprinkle those keywords (where it makes sense) throughout your summary information.
  6. Customize your website links. Instead of leaving the standard “company website” title, edit it and include the name of your company, product, service or last radio interview you conducted. It’s all about branding folks.
  7. Post a status update with information relevant to your network on a daily basis. Connect your Twitter account using the Twitter app and your LinkedIn updates will feed Twitter and vice versa.
  8. Share an article from LinkedIn Today, which you’ll find under the News tab.
  9. Peruse the network home page to see who’s connected to whom – maybe they are a good connection for you too.
  10. Make a point to like and comment on updates from people in your network.
  11. Secure recommendations. Make sure that they are relevant and authentic.
  12. Look to see “who’s viewed your profile”…is there an opportunity to reach out to them to say hello?
  13. After every networking meeting, sales meeting or speaking event, invite appropriate people to connect with you.
  14. Personalize your invitation requests to let people know how they know you and why connecting with you create a win/win for you both.
  15. When accepting the invitations of others, immediately click on “send email” and thank them for reaching out to invite you to connect on LinkedIn. Everybody loves a thank you!
  16. Share the profile of colleagues with people you know who might be a good prospect for they offer. Take a moment to tell them why meeting with your colleague is a good idea.
  17. View the connections of your 1-1 connections regularly and ask for a personal introduction to people that you want to meet. Don’t forget to ask them how you can help them with something in return!
  18. Export your contacts and invite a few colleagues to a contact sharing meet-up. Each of you brings your list and you find ways to help each other get to new prospects.
  19. Join LinkedIn groups that your potential buyer is likely to join. Participating in discussions gives you an opportunity to demonstrate the credibility you bring to the table.
  20. Promote other people in your network. Share their events, good news, presentations or company page.
  21. Follow companies that you’d like to do business with and keep tabs on the people and changes in the organization.
  22. Set up your own company page. This becomes a mini-website within the LinkedIn platform.
  23. Set up a FREE Slideshare account and share a presentation about your capabilities or a business topic relevant to your industry.
  24. Host a video clip on your profile using Google Presentations.
  25. Post your upcoming events using the Events application. Once set up, you can share the event with 50 members in your network and ask them to pass on to people in their networks. Copy the event link and use it to post as a status update for your entire network to see.
  26. Conduct sales research using Company Pages or the Answers section. In today’s sales world, decision makers expect that you’ve done your homework. Don’t ask them lame questions during that all important sales meeting that you could have easily uncovered on the web.
  27. Connect your blog to your profile using Blog Link or the WordPress application. Every time you post, your profile is automatically updated.
  28. Earned a certification, speak several languages or have published a book? Use the “Add Sections” feature to include them. When in edit mode, you’ll find the feature just before your summary information.
  29. Finally, and maybe most importantly, set up a “Saved Search” using the Advanced Search capability. Set up your search using the keywords or titles that best describe your sales target. Break it down by industry and geographic location based on zip code. Once you run the search – SAVE IT! You can save 3 with the free version of LinkedIn. Why save? Because every Monday morning LinkedIn sends you an email telling you what people matching your criteria have just joined your network. A most incredible and FREE lead generation list. Oh, but it does mean that you need quality and quantity of connections for the data to have any value.

Whew, well there you have it. Twenty-nine ways to better leverage LinkedIn to drive sales activities and results. Have fun and happy selling!

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